I was recently turned onto this group and song by one of my Aussie buddies in a professional forum I frequent. Apparently it was a hit over there in 2004 by a popular Aussie trio and written by the lead singer based on her grandmother's experience riding the actual "bridal train" organized after WW2 to provide US passage on literally a few hours notice to reunite the Australian brides of American Navy sailors stationed around Perth in Western Australia. The video actually includes the telegram received by their (2 sisters in this group) grandmother from the US Navy.

Doing a little research since I found this unknown historical incident interesting, a few years later, the singers' grandparents relocated back to Australia permanently.. and their grandfather died around 2001. When they got invited to the Telluride Festival a few years later, they carried back his ashes spreading them on a mountain top in his home state of Colorado.

This may be boring to you but I found it pretty kewl and the song stirring in a touching melancholy way.