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Thread: Monday Night - AP or Forte?

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    Monday Night - AP or Forte?

    I know it sounds crazy, but is there anyone out there with me that thinks I'm better off playing Forte over AP this week?

    My logic:
    1)There is no QB for Minn, they'll be stacking the box all day and even Chris Johnson couldn't survive until at least Collins is in the lineup.
    2)The game is being played outside in the freezing cold, much more suitable to Forte.
    3) Forte doesn't have an angry Urlacher after him every play. Also the Minn run defense isn't what it used to be.
    4) AP is coming up on the injury report.

    Any encouraging words would be appreciated....or just tell me how I'm ****ing crazy. Either way, but its playoff time.
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    I think Forte is the way to go aswell. THe Bears have the 2nd ranked rush defense and they can now afford to stack the box also against Minny. I just cant see AP having a big day either.

    In saying that Minny's rush defense is not bad either. Also Forte has been quite inconsistent this season also. But considering the circumstances and the fact Forte should be used in the Bears passing game also, I think you have to go with Forte.
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