• Among under-contract quarterbacks whose names have been tossed around with the Dolphins, Green Bay insists it won’t trade Matt Flynn, but Cincinnati will listen to offers for Carson Palmer after the expected lockout ends, according to NBC’s Peter King. Even before Denver coach John Fox announced Kyle Orton is his starter, some Dolphins people found the Orton option not very appealing.

Meanwhile, associates say Miami is among teams that would appeal to Vince Young, but Tennessee has said it won’t cut him before the lockout. During the lockout, teams cannot trade veteran players or even discuss it. Hypothetically, if the lockout is ongoing, the Eagles could not ask the Dolphins to draft a player on their behalf, with the intent of using that player in a trade for Kevin Kolb.

• Though Jeff Ireland said Miami might keep Ronnie Brown or Ricky Williams, Brown said the team has told him nothing and Williams hasn’t been given reason for optimism. Both appear to be fallback options only if the team can’t find two backs in the draft or free agency. UM has spoken with myriad backs in the draft, including UM’s Damien Berry (who is receiving on-field mentoring from Marshall Faulk) and Graig Cooper.

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