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Thread: Some numbers about team worth, jobs lost, money lost etc. due to lockout

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    Some numbers about team worth, jobs lost, money lost etc. due to lockout

    $32.9 = total value of NFL franchises in billions with the individual franchise average being $1.02 billion (Forbes magazine).

    95.8 = amount of television revenue in millions taken in by each NFL club last season from their TV contracts with an additional $45.8 million each being generated by various other mediums to total approximately $141.6 million per team (NFL Players Association).

    16 = number of owners who are billionaires (Forbes).

    8 = amount in billions of tax dollars that have been paid for active stadiums. But, what’s troubling is that it’s more than half of the overall amount spent on construction and infrastructure (NY Times).

    2 = number of teams that lost money in the 2009 season: Miami Dolphins and Detroit Lions (Forbes).

    28 = number of NFL games in the top 30 rated television shows among all programming in 2010 (Forbes).

    1.1 = worth in billions of Washington Redskins owner Daniel Snyder, the same owner whose team sued a 73-year-old grandmother for not keeping up on her season-ticket package payments.

    160 = the estimated cost in millions each NFL city could lose if there is a prolonged lockout (NFLPA).

    3,000 = the amount of jobs each NFL city could lose if there is a prolonged lockout which will total 93,000 (NFLPA).

    All for what? A new toy yacht?
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    The figures by Forbes are estimates, since the Dolphins are a private corporation and not required to open their books. Only the Green Bay Packers, a publicly held company, are forced to share their financial information.

    However, the financials can be misleading. The Dolphins still increased their overall revenue, from $232 million to $242 million last year. And the Dolphins appear to have sacrificed profits in 2009 to better position themselves for the future.
    Forbes notes:
    The Dolphins took two key steps to improve their finances during the off-season. The team sold the naming rights to their stadium to insurer Sun Life for $4 million a year (an additional $1.5 million a year from the deal is paid to charities), replacing the temporary, soft-dollar deal it had with Jimmy Buffett’s Land Shark Lager. More importantly, the Dolphins refinanced $235 million of stadium debt in a deal that includes a $159 million letter of credit that backs taxable municipal bonds sold through a government conduit but for which the stadium corporation is responsible. The deal, arranged by Goldman Sachs, contains a credit reserve that is significantly bigger than it otherwise would have been to account for the possibility of a work stoppage in 2011.

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