hey so do any of you guys smoke i've been trying to quit doing the whole cold turkey thing, ive tried a few times this year but i just never manage to stick to it. the long drives to school and the long work hours are usually what make me cave. i also cant help waking up and wanting one with a cup of coffee ya know? anyway just wondering if anyone here has successfully quit cold turkey and how you went about doing it? especially when people around you smoke? Granted i am not a pack a day smoker ill have maybe 4-5 a day but thats still pretty bad and it adds up. I've been looking to clean my diet up a bit and try to start working out, i'm not really in any kind of bad shape, but theres definitely some potential im not maximizing and i know i would feel a lot better if i cleaned it all up. did you all start eating a lot more when you quit smoking? i mean i find that when i have tried to quit i just replace the stoges with excessive food, especially at the wrong times, and also coffee and stuff. thanks for any advice