I am looking to put on a little muscle but I have been trying to get most of my protein through the food I eat. In the mornings, I eat a 4 egg omelet with only one yolk. I put mushrooms, onions, green peppers, and deli sliced turkey in it as well. That get me around 30 grams to start the day off.

That is the only thing that is the same every day. I eat a lot of white meat with the occasional red thrown in there too. Lots of veggies. When I eat turkey burgers or sandwiches, it's wheat or grain bread.

I have never tried soy milk. I will grab some this week when I go to the store and try it out.

Right now the whey I have is EAS brand from Sam's Club. I had been looking at that Gold Standard believe it or not. I think I am gonna grab it next time. You have me intrigued about the casein blend. Are those shakes you mentioned those pre mixed shakes or ones you make from the whey and soy milk?