Are we done with Volstad? The kid showed soo much promise when he first came up and now he just seems to be hit or miss. I gotta think if Javy continues the upward trend and JJ gets healthy, he can serve as a #5 . . . can't he?

Something tells me we need to do like 2003 and get another late inning arm to match up with Leo (ala Urbina) . . . this rotation is gonna be fine, the bullpen I feel, like always, will make or break this team in the end.

When healthy, I have no problem with the first 6 batters in the line up (Coghlan, Ramirez, LoMo, Sanchez, Stanton, Buck) . . . Infante is here to stay, as he is great on defense and maybe he gives a little more from the plate as time goes on, he is usually closer to .300 than he is now. Third base is interesting as Dobbs is doing his thing . . . Bonifacio can play anywhere and Murphy is mehhh, but I think that rotation is doable. I heard about Baker maybe coming back as well? He was a nice surprise before he got hurt. I know he won't replace Buck, but that is a nice left handed bat to have on the bench if he comes back from TJS.

With the farm system being not as strong as in recent years, I doubt we see a big name come here by the trade deadline . . . but I sure would be interested in David Wright if we had the chance at him.