so after much debate, research, and advice, I have finally decided on my supplement stack.

Fish Oil 1400Mg which I having been taking for a bit
GNC Sport Multivitamin one in the morning and one before workout
Complex B plus C vitamin

Right now, I am taking M5 Extreme for pre workout but I found something else I am going to try but I can't remember the name of it. It's similar to Jack3d or White Flood. I will have to look again when I go to the gym next.

Xtend is what I am going to use for my BCAAs. I will drink this as I workout. This also has the L-Glutamine in it to help recovery as was suggested to me. It also has B-6 in it.

For my post workout, I will make myself a shake with oatmeal, almond or peanut butter, protein powder,(thinking of using casein instead of whey) and ice. It is crazy how good it tastes plus it will be way cheaper. The one I tried has 320 calories so I can play with it a little to get the right amount of carbs and protein I am looking for.

What do you guys think?