With opinions about the FO, Henne, the draft, other enemy and team players, etc, I see a lot of arguments presented as know-it-all irrefutable facts. Granted sometimes they are, but often they're just another opinion justified or rationalized using parsed or selective self-serving data - if that.

To that end, I'm proposing the addition of a new Smiley as follows:

Obviously it's a succinct and handy way to tell others who don't acknowledge it, that their assertions are no more than opinions, and like people's posteriors, everyone's got one although some smell more than others.

Now if the admins think this streamlined graphic has value and is worthy to be added, I'm not necessarily asking that it be accessed as a "vaark3" smiley - but I wouldn't object either However it can simply and memorably be titled :IMHO:

What do you guys think?