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Thread: 2011 wallpaper schedule

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    2011 wallpaper schedule

    Ok, as promised, here is what I came up with. I made them to fit my laptop screen. And I will not be resizing them unless I get a bunch of request for a certain size.

    Let me know if there are any mistakes and I will correct them.

    To get the original size, click on the thumbnail. Once the new window opens, look to the right and open the "links to share this image" drop down menu. Copy the direct link and paste ii into your web address bar. Once that opens, right click and save as.

    Orange background

    There is an aqua background version as well. But because Image Shack seems to think FH violates their terms of service, I can not post it here. So if you would like the aqua version please shoot me a PM with your email and I will email it to you.
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