ok so they're not facts...i don't like that rocky mountain horse piss anyways...my predictions on the festivities beginning in around 12 hours...it's a case...a 24 pack...no lightweights around here...lets start it off with one that will have many of you bonging beers...

1. qb ryan mallett will not be a top 20 pick

2. wr aj green goes #4 to cinci

3. wr julio jones goes #6 to cleveland

4. dallas if they don't trade out of pick #9 will select ot tyron smith

5. dt nick fairley falls out of the top 10

6. robert quinn falls out of the top 10

6. the first 3-4 de off the board will be cameron jordan of cal

7. the earliest de daquan bowers comes off the board is pick #20

8. mark ingram will be the first rb off the board and a 1st round pick

9. te kyle rudolph will be a 1st round pick

10. cb brandon harris will not be a top 50 pick

11. qb christian ponder comes off the board no later than pick #35 cinci

12. miami will trade out of pick #15

13. dt corey liuget goes in the top 15

14. new england will trade out of pick #28 to a team looking to come up for a qb and will recieve a 2012 1st round pick and a 2nd rounder in return

15. dt phil taylor goes pick #21 to kc

16. the 2nd te off the board will not come off til round 3

17. there will be no listed safety prospect selected in round 1...college cb to conversion nfl free safety aaron williams would be the only exception and it would be late in round 1 if it did happen

18. og john moffitt will not come off the board prior to round 4

19. te/hb dj williams goes no earlier than round 4 same for te julius thomas

20. lb mark herzlich goes no earlier than round 5 (long 3 day wait in the green room for him)

21. wr aldrick robinson will be a dolphin

22. miami will have selected a rb by the end of round 3

23. tampa will trade up from pick #20 for a de prospect

24. and finally miami will find a way to screw it up...