This affects possibly every single PSN user not just the ones tricked into coughing up their passwords like it was a year ago. I'm sure you've seen hacked PSN accounts for sale on ebay but this is 100 times worse. I urge anyone with a PSN account to close your card even if it means you have to go inside the bank for the next week it will be well worth it. It's related to the PSN downtime and here is the link I read and decided to get my card reissued:

According to Stevens, the credit card data is up on illegal forums and holds enough information for anyone wielding it to siphon money off the card holder. Although Stevens didn't provide a link to these forums for obvious reasons, he claims the credit card data peddled there includes card holder's names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, dates of birth and also the CVV2 numbers. According to Sony, the PSN credit card details were encrypted. That may sound reassuring, but encryption doesn't always prove to be a deterrent to seasoned hackers. For all we know, the credit card details up for sale may just be a scam, but recent reports of PSN users falling prey to credit card fraud may not be a mere coincidence.