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Almost 18,000 posts on a site that noone wants to hear from you on. Sorry I can't spend my evenings draining the wi-fi at the local gay bar just to annoy another teams fans like you. I have a wife and kid that consume most of my free time. You should try it sometime... Females I mean... They're really a lot of fun.
Do you see me here at night or on weekends? I don't have time for that b/c I have a wife and 2 young kids(you think one takes up your life wait until you have 2 and I'm sure those w/ more than 2 can say the same to me).

Something tells me a guy that has to conatsntly post half naked pictures in his sig and avatar struggles to actually meet such ladies in real life.

If I didn't post here the rest of the board would be subjected to more posts from you so consider this community service.