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Thread: Halo: CE Anniversary and Halo 4 announced

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    360 Halo: CE Anniversary and Halo 4 announced

    Halo:CE Anniversary: I for one will be pre-ordering this as soon as it's avaliable. I love this game, and according to 343 Industries, they left the campaign game play alone. They just made it looks really good. Multiplayer looks like it might be based on Reach's engine though. More info coming later this year

    Halo 4 Teaser Trailer: This game looks like they went out and got some of Essamble Studio's animators to make this. I just hope this is what the real game will look like.
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    loved halo CE's single player and i cant wait to play it again on my 360. i will more than likely get Halo4 as well since i have the entire seires.
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