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Thread: Muscle Marinade

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    OPINION Muscle Marinade

    Anyone tried this preworkout mix? I rotate preworkouts and I started this stuff today. I like it and felt like I was getting something out of it in the gym this afternoon...but good grief man...

    This stuff tastes AWFUL. Literally tastes like a marinade for rotten meat and smells like the winner of an anal fisting contest. I couldn't hardly stomach it. Just had to slam it and go.

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    Never heard of it. So I tried a couple of those samples I got from the store and I don't see much of a benefit from them. Maybe I just didn't try the right one. I tried one the other night called Xtreme Shock. It had 300mg of caffeine in it! I figured I would be so jacked up I would never be able to go to sleep that night but I really didn't feel that much from it. I did stay up a little later than normal but that was about it.
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