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Now you're dodging the issue that you raised when you said everything in existence does not require God to create them because all created things are actually God. I don't care how many different scenarios of the "Builder Metaphor" you present. This one with the woman and child is just another builder metapor that you refuse to recognize as such. Below is your comment that started this entire debate between us.

Using your logic that the entire universe and everything in existence are part and parcel god, let's apply it to the woman and child you are now presenting. When your logic is applied in this example, we wind with this: The child is the woman because the child came from the woman. Likewise, since everything in existence came from God, everything in existence is God. That's your logic, not mine.

You have bounded your mind in the realm of absolutes either you have to prove or not prove something in order to believe in something. If you cannot prove certain things they are false but others become faith in case of religion but in the case of evolution the lack of proof becomes a false belief and misguided truth lacking in faith.

The actuality of the conversation is that not only can neither belief be proved or disproved there is a distinct and possible scenario where both evolution and religious views align into a "theory of everything". Even atheists views could be covered in the theory and all could be proven right given the right set of events but of course that is only under ideal circumstances, usually something has to drop out as false but in this case there is no definitive way to prove or disprove anything in the debate so the only thing it can even be is a debate. Anything evidence you provide for the debate is defined be human understanding of the events surrounding the events of history but if humans do not fully understand the event the definition is skewed by the lack of knowledge. It is no diffenerent than giving a earthworm a wrist watch, it is pointless to the worm.