Team Reservation Policy

(Reserve your team starting Monday, Aug. 1, 2011)

Gameplay Rules

  • Reserving teams for the Madden 12 will now be based on a first-donate, first-reserved basis. You may officially reserve any available team by being the first to donate the team fee. An available team is any team who isn't "Officially Reserved." You can submit your team's fee to the following PayPal address: NYC322@AOL.COM. You can also post at our homepage HERE.

  • All donations made are eligible for full refunds up until August 25th, which is 2 weeks before the NFL's Week 1 (Sept. 8th).

  • Returning owners from Madden 11's Season 2 will have the option to immediately reserve their Madden 11 teams. They won't need to donate their team's fee until Week 1 of the Madden 12 season.
  • New owners can reserve a team as mentioned above.

  • View last year's Prize Breakdown. There will be a prize for making the playoffs, a prize for winning in the Divisional and Conference rounds, and obviously the biggest prize for winning the Super Bowl.

  • (Updated 8/8/11) Madden 12 Tournament: We will have a tournament before starting the Franchise season. The tournament will kickoff Tuesday, September 8. The winner will receive a $20 Amazon gift card and the runner-up will receive a $4 credit towards their team's fee.

  • This is a league of respectful, dedicated, and skilled owners. The Franchise consists of a Salary Cap System, Free Agent System, Free Agent Draft (off-season), User-to-User Trading, Weekly Player Awards, and Recaps. Any questions? Please post them.

The NFL consist of 32 teams. Each fit into one of four levels.

(Preliminary Team Levels & Prices)

Level 1 Teams = $10,Level 2 Teams =$8,Level 3 Teams =$6,Level 4 Teams =$4

Level 1 Teams:

Eagles (Reserved), Ravens (Reserved), Falcons (Reserved), Patriots (Reserved), Bears (Reserved), Jets (Reserved), Packers (Reserved), Steelers (Reserved), Saints
(Reserved), Colts (Reserved)

Level 2 Teams:

Giants (Reserved), Cowboys (Reserved), Texans (Reserved), Chiefs (Reserved), Bucs
(Reserved), Chargers (Reserved)

Level 3 Teams:
49ers (Reserved), Rams (Reserved)
, Lions (Reserved), Vikings (Reserved), Raiders (Reserved), Jaguars(Reserved), Panthers(Reserved), Seahawks (Reserved), Dolphins(Reserved)

Level 4 Teams:

Titans (Reserved), Bills (Reserved), Broncos(Reserved), Browns (Reserved), Cardinals (Reserved), Bengals, Redskins

Level 1 Teams =$10, Level 2 Teams = $8, Level 3 Teams = $6, Level 4 Teams = $4

Available Teams

Redskins - Available
Bengals - Available