I think, in terms of organizational health, Id rank South Florida pro teams as so:

1. Miami Heat
2. Florida Panthers

3. Miami Dolphins

4. Florida Marlins

Miami Heat - Pat Riley and Mickey Arison, period! One of the best GMs/presidents in any league, partnered with one of the best owners in sports. First class organization from the top, to the ticket representatives. The rest of teams should really mirror them, and understand how to cater to its fans!

Florida Panthers - UNBELIEVABLE turnaround of a franchise since the hiring of just ONE man, Dale Tallon. A complete 180 of the product on the ice, along with the best prospect pool in the NHL, gives the Panthers arguably the best future out of any team in South Florida. There is still a ways to go, but the organization has probably never seen this type of stability before, which was in constant question. Dont want to forget about Santos as well, who has also been a huge piece of this "blueprint!"

Miami Dolphins - Would be closer to the Heat and Panthers if we had a more competent GM and Coach. I kinda like Ireland, but there are obvious holes that werent filled, and when players like Olsen and Evans are available for dirt cheap, he goes the more conservative approach. Sparano is not a NFL head coach, and seeing how our Oline has been inconsistent since his arrival, I dont even think he is that good of an Oline coach. Ross really dropped the ball as well. He should just stay out of the way and just write checks, not try crap like he did with Harbaugh. And its a damn shame, because the fins have a top five defense, but once again, our offense is going to be why we arent a playoff team.

Florida Marlins - A FU@#%G MESS! I dont know who is to blame for what is going on there, Loria or Beinfest! This crap with LoMo is just another reason why players are not going to want to play for this team. Yes, lets make an example of our youngsters, like LoMo, who despite batting 240, has 17 homers and 60 RBIs. They demote him, but let Hanley play, despite his *****iness, and even worse stats? IMO, its time to move Hanley. He is not a team player, nobody likes him, and overall, he obviously is not dedicated to this team.

If I wasnt ranking just pro teams, no doubt I would have the Canes behind the Heat and Panthers. They seem to really know what they are doing. Golden has been amazing since his hiring (top five draft class), and the school really seems to understand what it takes to build a top football school, with new buildings being built for the Athletic department. IMO, the Canes are closer to a National Championship birth before the Fins reach another SB, or the Fish reach another WS.

Its frustrating seeing this crap go down. With a few tweaks here and there, we could have a very successful sports town, like Boston for example, but until some idiots are shown the door, that wont happen.

Ok, end of rant!