Great.. Columbo sucks so bad though.. LOL, I know what I'm gonna do with my first round pick.

Right now I'm 3-0 online only using the Phins.. Reggie Bush is HUGE in this game.. You have to send him to the flats or slants every play because he creates epic mismatches, and usually they focus so much on Reggie Bush and Brandon Marshall, Davone Bess EATS up the slot.

Clyde Gates is a MONSTER in Madden too.. I threw a a sideline pass to him, he jumped up and caught it 1 handed and tip toed BOTH feed in bounds.. The guy couldn't believe it and challenged it...

Our defense is Blah.. They need to upgrade Burnett, make him fast and better. Wake is pretty hard to get going. Hes very solid, but isn't pro bowl caliber when youre playing online. Langford is a MONSTER online and offline. Hes always shedding blocks and getting to the QB. Clemons is nice, Rashad Jones is terrible in Madden..

Really hard to run with our team, so I usually spread out the offense and let Henne run slants, comebacks, and deep balls. Our o-line is so bad, its like watching real life. Columbo gets beat in seconds. Carey does a good job (Unrealistic), Pouncey will get planted every once in a while, Cogs sucks, and you never have to worry about Long.. Hes unstoppable. Also Polite is automatic on 4th and 1 or Goal and 1..