Well said!

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folks, i DO NOT want to start a political debate here, and really, i hope no one replies.

take it how you want, if you agree, do it. if you dont, AH-SO!!

YOUR CUTTING YOUR OWN FINANCIAL THROATS every time you buy a product from COMMUNIST china!!

people cant keep biatching about jobs over seas and no jobs here if you keep lining the communstst pockets!!

yes, a lot of american made is more expensive, but this is the way to beat it all! boycott all chinese stuff [or any other product/service that is from an american company who moved there operations to foriegn countries for cheap labor] and it kills there buisness in red china manufacturing cheap, unsafe products for penny pinching americans. then find the cheaper american product. it will force the gougers to lower there prices sooner or later.

but again, this is all YOUR PRIVATE CHOICE! no need to reply. many say they do this and that but then they see that cool cheap jersey or tool or electronics or game and they fall into the old "well, its only one item, just this once wont hurt" mentality.

IF WE DO NOT START MAKING SACRIFICES, EVEN SMALL ONES, you will see the end of our country, were standing on the ledge right now! we are already BROKE and we owe BILLIONS to red china and other countries. FEED YOURSELVES and YOUR COUNTRYMEN!

sorry, someone had to say it. PLEASE just go to football, you wont change my mind or my boycotts [LIKE ALL G.E.PRODUCTS], its your private biz what you do with this reminder.