I can't take Madden, I buy it then I sell it. I just have that itch to play some NFL football on my console and im forced to play Madden, cause I got no other option.
I've been a 2k gamer all my life and owned every single 2k football game since the Dreamcast days. The football game that I played the most 2k5, I just got so addicted, that I couldn't stop playing, game after game! It was such a great game. And 2k4 definitely caught my imagination, to tell ya I only played about 10(or less) games online, I dedicated whole season to off-line, that game was just so superb with the crib and all that good stuff.

The NFL & EA, has really taken away from us, football means so much to me, and so was playing virtual football, but I haven't really enjoyed playing football since 2k5 really.Madden 06 & 07 were decent on ps2. But the next-gen P.O.S that we have to play in Madden, its laughable. People that never touched a 2k football game, are content with it, because they don't know better, but we people that've played 2k, know what a true football game is all about and were still waiting for it! #2K14 (CROSSING FINGERS!)