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Thread: One major thing about henne today and in preseaon that he seems to love doing...

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    One major thing about henne today and in preseaon that he seems to love doing...

    is scrambling every chance he gets, and he been doing very well at it making smart choices and protecting himself and the ball when going for it. If he can continue to air it out and keep his motor running on the ground, alot of d-coordinators are going to really start respecting him. Man no matter how crappy the team plays if Henne truly is legit and all his past was primarily on henning/parcels then i will be very excited about the season.
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    That QB draw to start the game in the first drive was BRILLIANT!!! Daboll deserves major props for calling that. Henne also deserves props for showing determination even though it didn't look like he would make it all the way. But if Henne continues to show some scrambling ability that should open up the middle of the field for Marshall and Fasano down the line.
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