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Thread: Trade proposal

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    Trade proposal

    Have in mind that Rodgers is my starting QB, would you guys trade:
    I have Vincent Jackson, Ryan Fitzpatrick and Chris Cooley
    rade for Matt Cassel, DeSean Jackson and Zach Miller.

    I would basically give him a starting QB for the jacksons trade
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    Not a big fan of Matt Cassell, and the Chiefs host the Chargers during Rodgers' bye week. Buffalo hosts Washington on Rodgers' bye week, so Fitzpatrick looks to have a decent matchup. The Bills look like they're heading up while the Chiefs are treading water right now too.

    I definitely like the upgrade to DeSean form Vincent. I looks like both will have a good year, but I'm expecting DeSean to have more upside.

    Cooley isn't even likely the best te in Washington fantasy-wise (that would be Fred Davis), so he's no big loss, so Miller is an upgrade, but not much of one. There's usually a better option on the waiver wire in most leagues.

    So it depends on how bad you want DeSean.
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    It seems to me like a no brainer. Desean is much better than vincent. Cooley is not who you want starting and I would take miller over him all day (Fred Davis looks to be washingtons go to tight end) and matt cassel for one game isn't thaaaat bad of an option. Check the free agency though for a possible better qb in the future. But I would take that trade if it was offered to me (getting desean)
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