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Thread: Larry Merchant to Floyd Mayweather: 'I would kick your ***'

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    Larry Merchant to Floyd Mayweather: 'I would kick your ***'

    After a controversial finish in which he knocked out Victor Ortiz while Ortiz appeared to be apologizing for a head butt, Mayweather told HBO's Larry Merchant in a post-fight interview that he knew (expletive) about boxing and should be fired.After becoming irritated with Merchant's questions about the fight's conclusion, Mayweather interrupted, "You don't never give me a fair shake. So I'm gonna let you talk to Victor Ortiz, alright? I'm through. Put somebody else up here to give me an interview. HBO need to fire you because you don't know (expletive) about boxing. You ain't (expletive)."After Mayweather's comments, the 80-year-old commentator said, "I wish I was 50 years younger and I would kick your ***."http://content.usatoday.com/communities/gameon/post/2011/09/larry-merchant-to-floyd-mayweather-i-wouldve-kicked-your-***/1?csp=hf
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    You want a fair shake, Mayweather? Go and fight Pacquiao...until then you aren't nearly the best pound for pound fighter.
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