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Thread: *** 2011-12 NHL Regular Season Thread ***

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    Quote Originally Posted by PortFin View Post
    Eerie how this conversation went down just one week before the major fallout....
    It will be interesting to see if Toronto gets into the bidding for Schneider this summer. The price would obviously be pretty steep, but as we've seen before, Burke is not bashful about making big moves[/QUOTE]

    I hope so. Toronto needs consistency at the goalie posititon desperately.
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    here we go...playoffs...the only time i really pay all that much attention to hockey and pro hoops...surprised theres no nhl playoffs thread...anyways lets do it again bruins

    would much rather have matched up with ottawa than the caps but oh well...
    hoops scoops 2012 season ..."in 2014 ryan tannehill etches his name in stone amongst the games elite qbs"..."ryan tannehill and andrew luck will carry the afc for the next decade plus the way peyton manning and tom brady have this last decade plus"
    for the love of god get a real freaking mike already!!!
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