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Thread: Small statement in Sun Sentinel seperates Fins and NE

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    Small statement in Sun Sentinel seperates Fins and NE

    I was reading an article and it made a statement which I thought was the perfect statement in a nutshell on the difference between the Patriots and Dolphins

    "The Patriots have excelled largely because players have bought into the team concept emphasized by coach Bill Belichick. But standout individual performances highlighted Sunday's victory."

    Our team has some players that are individuals. We still dont have the entire ship sold on what TEAM is.......

    They also have players over-achieving, something TEAM players usually do is play above their head. Look at those line ups NE beat us with this year. They had a ton of injuries, yet the players and coaches all stepped up and found a way.

    We on the other had have players not making blocks (not even double teams), not catching balls they should catch, missing tackles, and not protecting the ball. This teamed with our conservative sytle doesnt compliment each other much. After all, the Conservative stlye of football says "we are not going to make mistakes"...."we are going to protect the ball, make our blocks, and smash you."
    We did none of the above on a consistent basis DOLFANS. Our conservative style would be a lot more productive and enjoyable to watch if we had our players making the routine plays. Problem is our players at some positions havent showed the ability to consistently make the routine play.

    I think we could use a heavy dose of TEAM on our roster. We could also use some playmakers.
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