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The last time we beat the pats in NE w/ Brady starting was 2006 and we had onyl beaten them there twice.

Cincy swept Baltimore in 2009, the banged up Colts were on a long win streak. No more excuses please.
That just shows that division teams match up well with each other. It's not an excuse, it's the facts. That 2009 Bal team that got swept by Cincy gave NE a 33 to 14 butt kicking in NE. I don't believe the Jets could have beaten Bal, had they faced them in round 1 either of the last 2 years.

That 4 game win streak the banged up Colts were on was against the 6-10 Titans, 8-8 Raiders, 8-8 Jaguars, and 6-10 Titans.