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ok if you guys aren't onboard with the season after last nights show I dont' know what to tell you. they added one of the more horrifing elements of the comic in it, which I must say I wondered if they would two episodes ago. I was also watching the talking dead, and I get the feeling that we'll be seeing someone's brother at some point this season.
They could have introduced it then instead of pissing everybody off with filler episodes. I know exactly what you're talking about and it's crazy that the show is only just now getting up to this point. At this rate, will we see the Prison in season 18?

That's what frustrates me the most about it. There's been about 3 episodes this season that I could have done without completely. They could have ran with the 1st episode, the episode where they go to the school, and an entire episode of Daryl wandering around the woods killing hanging zombies and squirrels, and it would have been awesome.

Speaking of Merle, they have a lifelike wax sculpture of him in the AMC building here with him handcuffed to a potted plant in the lobby. Amazing.