As much as I don't want him fired it is gonna happen so I might as well have the honor of starting the thread!

Tony I might not want you gone, but it most certainly isn't because I support you! It is because I don't want our owner looking fickle turning off potential real HCs! It is because I know you will finish what you started and bring us Luck! But most of all I want you to suffer pain and embarrassment weekly for the losses you cause!

You are a real piece of human garbage Tony! Now before any of you get all indignant on me hear me out! Tony got what many don't in their professional life, a second chance! Not only did he get a second chance he got a raise and more power! He could have used Harbaughgate to learn, after all it was of his own doing he was in that position! Instead he acts like a child, pouts at the office, and refuses to repair work place relationships for the better of the team! Instead he power played it to try and prove he knows best!

Hey Tony if you didnt suck on gameday since the Colts game 09 the franchise wouldnt have been coach shopping! Your owner gave you everything you wanted, but this failure is of your doing! Assistant after assistant have been sacrificed to save your butt all while you spew empty promises of philosophy change! In the end it is more of the same!

Good bye Tony get lost, collect your millions and be gone!