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Thread: Andrew Luck..

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    Andrew Luck..

    is a Franchise QB playing college ball. He showed me so many ways tonight that he's the real deal at QB,and our Dolphins NEED to do everything they can to get him. Great game tonight,and I HOPE&PRAY we get him in the 2012 Draft!!!!
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    I agree. From fireing up his Oline to start protecting him better to being down in the score and having that look in his eye that this game isnt over yet.- and he just wasnt going for field goals! The only thing that i saw last night that I didnt like and which caused him to get his pick 6 was he likes to go to his running backs alot with short passes.-At least in this game. He needed to start throwin the rock as in latter in the game. All I kept thinkin was Reggie Bush will have a field day with this guy as our qb.
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