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Phins28.....you're telling a guy who is rooting for the team to GTFO, while you root against them? How dumb are you? FINHEAVEN is dedicated to the Dolphins. How do you not get that. I realize this team is poor. Do you realize that LUCK MIGHT NOT COME OUT!! You all say it "could be worth it for 10 years." Well, what if he doesn't come out? What do you say then?!?! Don't come crying to me when he stays at Stanford. Don't get me wrong, I love Luck and would support him with this franchise, but with what risk and at what cost? Don't tell ME to GTFO. You guys need to get REAL.
Academically, Andrew Luck is a senior and will have his Architecture degree from Stanford wrapped up after this year. There is literally zero point for him to go back to school and take one year of grad classes and pass up millions, especially if he wins the Heisman. It's almost a given he comes out.