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Yea, Paterno did what he was LEGALLY obligated to do, but the fact that he let it die is morally wrong x100. Legality =/= morality. By not taking the issue to the authorities and even allowing Sandusky to stay on the staff, Paterno had a hand in every time a child was molested by Sandusky after that point. In my eyes, theres no defense for that as a human being. He will get off legally, but I can never think of the guy the same way.
The incident that was brought to Paterno's attention was in 2002. Sandusky retired from the coaching staff in 1999. So not sure how Paterno allowed Sandusky to stay on the staff when he wasn't on the staff to begin with. Sandusky used the schools facility for the Second Mile, which is why it is school related and not football related. The stuff that went on when Sandusky was on the coaching staff apparently was never brought to light to Paterno or the school. Again, all this happened through the Second Mile, not the football team. That is an IMPORTANT part of the story.

As for Golden bolting, its certainly a possibility. Everyone pretty much knows PSU was Golden's dream job. i think its funny that you bring up the Miami scandal as a reason for him to bolt to PSU though. Thats rich. They wont have NCAA sanctions but youre kidding yourself if you think this story wont have a major impact on recruiting. What happened there is farrrrrr worse than anything that happened at UM. I rank drinking free booze and banging free escorts far better than an organization wide child molestation scandal.
It is a strong possibility. The question is if Penn State wants him or not. If they do, he will be on the first plane to State College, no question about it. Though Penn State might look at some other options, and like I said in my earlier post Meyer is a strong rumor up here.

I brought up the Hurricanes situation because JCane brought it up in the very first post of this thread. Don't believe me, go back and read his post. I agree what went on with Sandusky is way worse than paying players to come to the school. However, the Hurricanes could be punished, Penn State won't. Why? Because the Hurricanes situation involves the football program, the Sandusky situation doesn't involve the football team but a charity on campus. That is where from a football standpoint the Canes are in much bigger doo doo than Penn State. I will repeat again, so you don't accuse me of anything, what Sandusky did was unthinkable and one of the worst things that a person can do. I hope he pays dearly for what he did. Just lets know the facts that this really doesn't involve the football program. The reported incident to Paterno happened years after Sandusky had left the team.