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So if I see someone dying and I just stop a guy and tell him that the hurt guy needs help and then walk away after being ignored, thats significantly better? Put aside the PSU and Joe Pa glasses and look at this objectively. If Rex Ryan was aware of child molestation, told Tannenbaum and then let it die when he did nothing about it you would be trashing him. Joe Paterno willingly ignored child molestation for an entire decade. Thats pretty serious. I can't respect anyone who would do that.
The problem with that comparison is that Joe never saw this happen, he was told by one of his assistants who walked in on it. He reported it to Joe, who turned around and reported it to the AD. As that it happened on school property, the AD should have immediately contacted the authorities. This was the first time Joe had heard about what Sandusky was doing and this was after Sandusky had already been retired for 3 years from the coaching staff.