We end with the 16th draft pick. Luck goes one, Barkley four, Jones twelve. No other QBs get a first round grade. We take a DT at sixteen. Two QBs will have second round grades. They go 36 and 45. At 49, we take a tight end. We draft a QB in the third round. He does nothing in preseason.

The DT plays 9 games next year before tearing his AC joint and going on IR. In nine games he plays decent, 3 sacks and 26 tackles. The tight end plays in 11 games and gets 350 yards. Our third round QB plays in three games and flashes signs of absolute mediocrity. We go 7-9.

The next season we again miss on first round talent QBs. We take a free safety at 19.

After starting 2013 3-3, the city of Miami trades the Dolphins franchise to the city of Los Angelos and we all move on without the perpetual mediocrity that once was Miami football.