Stephen Ross and Jeff Ireland both mobbed Tony Sparano on the sidelines today and the three jumped up and down like schoolgirls, singing "We are the Champions" after today's miracle win. This win not only put's Miami back in the driver's seat of the AFC East race, but makes the Dolphins the favorite for home field advantage throughout the playoffs. The much-maligned, but brilliant Tony Sparano will receive the position of "Coach for Life" with the Dolphins. Stephen Ross presented Sparano with a chest full of medals (similar to Idi Amin). When asked how he felt about today's win and contract extension, Sparano said, "All'z I know is I'm going to go home and **** my wife in my bed, k? Cause these guys and I have been tryin' real hard the last few weeks, k? And Jeannette knows, k? That we're real close and today it showed, k? Yeah, I'm gonna **** Jeannette like a superstar tonight."

This is the proudest I've ever been as a Dolphins fan. I would trade the memory of Dan Marino in an instant if Tony would never grow old and could be the Dolphins coach for the next 1,000 years.