As a die-hard Alum of the University of New Mexico, I am really hoping for a turnaround after the absolute ATROCITY we just went through for head coach of the Football program.
During his 2-1/2 years as head coach

Mike Locksley took what was a promising program (Rocky Long did great things there) and is best known for:
He was brought up on charges of Sex Discrimination charges
He hit an assistant coach
He let a kid who didnt have a drivers license drive his car, which was pulled over by police. This kid was of SERIOUS character question.
He led the Lobos to a 2-26 record in the above average MWC.

Now, one name that is lingering is one that many of you in Florida might have insight to. I know he also has a questionable record against him for hitting a player I believe.

Can anybody give me insight to Jim Leavitt?