Long time Miami Dolphin fan suffering in Jets land all my life. Making it down to Miami for my first game this weekend. I am wondering if there are any good sports bars near the "Blue Moon" hotel in South Beach. I am also a big WVU fan...yeah yeah Pat White blah blah blah...at least our AD's son's kid is a pretty good QB huh? Sorry I digress...anyway they play on ABC at noon...but I have a feeling the national game will be the OK State game on at the same time. Just wanted to know if there are any bars near that hotel that might have the WVU game on too.

Anything else I should know about for my first trip down? How's the hotel? Any "Must do/see things"? Coming in on Friday AM...

I have been wanting to make it down for a game since I was a little kid (ok I'm still in my late 20's but still) with all my Marino buttons/hats/jerseys on being heckled at Giants Stadium and now I'm finally making it down.

Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks!