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Joe should coach this game, and should be allowed to coach the rest of the year. The media is ripping on him, because that is the point of view that will create the most buzz and water cooler talk. I get that, and Joe is not clean by any means. However, people want to make him the villian, when there are so many others much more at fault. He is the icon and that is why the pitch forks and torches are going his way. Take away the media and and the anti-PSU fan base, and you can see the MAJORITY of the world is in Joe's corner. That is a fact.
Thats a single poll created on a single website. Hardly a world view.
As well, if i created a poll on a website saying "Would you call the cops if you knew about a grown man molesting a child" how many people do you think would vote "yes"? Im willing to bet 99% of the people that voted would. Sadly, Joe Paterno would be the 1%.

This isnt some media concoction created to drive down the popularity of a single coach. This is a heart wretching case that effects every single person who learns about it. Its almost impossible NOT to have a strong emotion about this subject. There is a very real outrage and its a deserving outrage.

People wanted to forgive and look the other way to Bobby Bowden when FSU was caught in a cheating scandel. People still cheer for Michael Vick. Of course biased individuals are going to be quick to forgive Joe Paterno. But anyone with a sense of morality knows he screwed up big time. He himself admitted he should have done more.
For those of us who acknowledge he is legally innocent but still morally guilty want blood in the water. We want the people who covered this up, and therefore enabled the monster to continue, locked up in the cells next to the child molester. By all accounts, by admitted statements, Paterno was one of those individuals. He could have stopped this...but didnt.

And for the record, while i was explaining why a single poll is flawed, i will say this: i really dont give a damn about poll numbers when it comes to this sort of crime. That poll could read 100% of the population in the world want him to keep coaching. Doesnt matter to me. My ethics aren't up popularity contests.