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Thread: Some wide reciever stats question?

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    Some wide reciever stats question?

    I like how Matt Moore's completion % rate has gone up to 67%. That's what I always look for when they're talking about a good QB, for example, our boy (roll eyes) Andrew Luck has 71% completion. For WR, all I look for is the size and speed rate. For most part, that doesn't say much. Now am thinking we should includet a reciever's reception percentage rate in their profile to get a better idea if the reciever in question catches or drop a lot of balls thrown his way. For example, a WR with a 70% rate will consider a top calibre reciever since he caught 7 of 10 balls thrown his way.

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    Double Negative = Again.

    As for the receiver stats, advance stats take a lot of this into account. Check out these sites:



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