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I know I am not going to convince you that '08 NE and Mia were on par with Dallas this year. I just don't think Dallas is much more than an average team. Maybe I'm wrong. We will see what happens when the playoffs get here.

You brought up a bunch of mistakes the Jets made when they were already losing the game. The Jets did not outplay any of those teams. That is totally different than leading the game in the 4th quarter and having a meltdown when that is the only way the other team was going to win. Again, Dallas gets NO credit for the meltdown. They blew it, which is almost worse than being outplayed.

Why should the Jets get credit on the blocked punt? Yes, they made the play, but the lineman allowed the guy to come through untouched. It wasn't like he made a move, or shed the block. It was a Dallas mistake that had little to do with the Jets. It is similar to the McKnight fumble against NE. The only difference is Dallas was winning against the Jets late in the 4th (The Jets scored a TD on that play), and the Jets were losing to NE early in the 3rd (NE still had to go 15 yards on O and it only led to a FG)

Both of those turnovers had little to do with the ST, and had more to do with the other team making a mistake, so I don't feel like they deserve credit.

Not all turnovers are the same. You have to see what happened and give credit where it is due. Give me some examples of where I didn't give credit to the Jets for a play, but I gave it to another team on the same type of play.
Do I think Dallas is a great team? absolutely not but they are a good one, 3 of their 4 losses have been nailbiters and using your logic they should be at least 9-2 since they gave 2 games away. Miami and NE in 2008 were not even really average teams, Miami showed they couldn't compete when facing Baltimore in the WC rd at home.

We made plenty of mistakes when the game was tied or we were winning too. What if Holmes doesn't slip on the opening possession vs. NE? we lead 7-0 instead of missing a 24 yd FG. We can find those excuses every week, the bottom line is we made plays to beat Dallas and those other teams made plays to beat us. Someone had to get through the line to block the punt, someone forced the fumble on Romo, someone confused Romo to throw that pick.