I have seen and got some complaints and questions in regards to events and payouts. VBookie is something we used a few years back, but now are just getting started again, so there are going to be some bugs early on.

First off, the ultimate goal in the near future is to set up a virtual store that members can buy virtual items with their vcash. In the mean time, it is just a fun thing to do and to stock up on vcash for the future.

Anyways, I understand some are upset that there were some 1/1 odds, which pay out nothing, or that some odds have changed after the event was put up and bets were placed. Again, this is something we haven't used in a few years, so the rust needs to be shaken off, and there are some staff members who were not on the staff back then that are getting their hands into setting up events for the first time. Hopefully this becomes a smoother process as we go forward, but if you have any questions or complaints, post them in this thread or send me or another Admin a PM. Contacting an Admin directly will likely speed up the process of correcting any future errors. I hope there are none as we go forward, but we are human, so mistakes can happen.