Thought since it's been banana's already, one thread to get your rumors, trades, signings, cuts, etc... in would be cool.

I've been on Twitter for a good margin of the day haha so this is what I got so far....

Must admit, although I'm a Mavericks fan...I love the Knicks as well and this excites me. I've watched all there games and thank god for Amare last year because watching the Knicks games were so predictable before Amare. Always collapsed in the 4th, and this year looks promising if they can get Baron Davis at point guard.
Other Deals:
  • Eddy Curry signs with the Miami Heat
  • Jamal Magloire will sign with the Toronto Raptors
  • Sebastian Telfair will sign with the Phoenix Suns
  • Jonas Jerebko signs with the Detroit Pistons
  • Jeff Pendergraph signs with the Indiana Pacers
  • Gilbert Arenas gets axed by the Magic via amnesty clause
  • Juwan Howard re-signs with the Miami Heat
  • Mickael Petrius was traded to the Raptors for a 2nd round pick
  • Vince Carter gets axed via amnesty clause by the Suns
  • Tony Battie re-signs with the 76ers
  • James Jones re-signs with the Heat
  • Dwight asks to be traded to the Nets, but the Magic are accusing the Nets of tampering with Dwight before free agency began
  • Nene is leaning towards re-signing with the Nuggets but Nets making a strong push in light of the Dwight Howard tampering accusations
  • Knicks looking to dump Chauncey Billups + Ronny Turiaf to clear cap, Billups is probably going to get axed via amnesty clause
  • Baron Davis is speculated to get axed via amnesty clause
  • Thaddeus Young is close to re-signing with the 76ers
  • Knicks are trying to re-sign Shawne Williams, as the the Nets are trying to lure him away
  • Apparently all though the Paul deal is presumed dead, talks to make it work have started back up
  • Warriors looking to sign restricted free agent DeAndre Jordan
  • Odom doesn't show up to Lakers camp, Angry
I probably Missed some but I got most of it I believe. Anyway enjoy and add on!