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Thread: "Jets History In 30 Sentences" (Giants Fan Rips TGG Whiners A New One!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjunc View Post
    yet outside of one fluke run in 2007 the Jets have been better than the Giants(and in turn the dolphins except they don't have the fluke year to bank on) for about 15 years now.

    I love when fans of one pathetic team have to jump on another bandwagon to make fun of a team better than than theirs.

    team wins fluke SB? The Jets dominated that game, it was a shutout until late in the game, a fluke would be the 2007 NY Giants who, outside of 2007 haven't won a single playoff game since 2001.

    The Jets started 10-1 in '86, finished 10-6 and still did something the Giants(and dolphins) haven't been able to do(outside of 2007 for the Giants) for the last decade- win a playoff game.

    Do you fact check? had we beaten Cleveland we would have gone on the road to denver in the '86 title game.

    Buffalo dominated the AFC in those years- it's not like finishing behind them in 2011

    Johnny Mitchell was drafted in 1992, Warren Sapp in 1995.

    NE has dominated everyone the last decade but we did win the 2 biggest games btw the 2 teams and both were at NE. 2002 in week 16 in a game that decided the division and 2010 in the div rd of the playoffs

    Didn't Chad lead you to your only playoff app the last decade?

    loudmouth copach leads us to 2 title games in 2 years while Giants, Dolphins sit at home watching.

    Last week was one game, in 3 years w/ the Jets Rex's teams have better re4cords and won 4 playoff games compared to ZERO playoff apps for the mighty giants.
    to be fair, in 2002 you guys won the division because we lost our final 2 games including blowing an 11 pt lead vs the pats with less than 5 minutes to go in the finale
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjunc View Post
    Your jets jealousy is so sad and pathetic. Half of those comments are incorrect but you guys run w/ it and maybe it will make you forget how bad your franchise has been lately. Do you want to know how pathetic Miami is? They think it will be a successful season if they beat us and kep us from having a chance at the playoffs.
    strawman......why do you have to make stuff up to prove a point? who says our season will be saved if we beat you? there is an entire thread in the main forum devoted to us losing tomorrow so that we get a better draft position. ironically, i remember reading jets fans would rather the giants miss the playoffs then the jets make the playoffs on jet boards this week. it is possible to dislike a team without being jealus. stop acting like a 15 year old girl.

    this is the least interesting jets/dolphins game in recent memory for both teams fan bases, IMO. our season and most likely yours too is unsuccessful no matter who wins. i honestly dont understand what your problem is sometimes. you just make **** up to spin things your way, thats why people are tired of you.
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