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Thread: HAS to be Chudzinski!!!!!!!!!

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    wales and will die a prou

    HAS to be Chudzinski!!!!!!!!!

    RB - D.Williams, J.Stewart
    WR - Steve Smith, L Nannee, B LaFell
    TE - Shockey, Olsen

    Just think of these playmakers before the season began.

    D.Williams & J.Stewart coming off injuries and avg just over 4 YPC
    Steve Smith, rumoured to be on trade block and coming off a season where he had less than 600 yards. Nannee & LaFell were just competing for roster spots.
    Shockey & Olsen both not wanted by their respected teams

    I know most will say but he had a superb QB in Cam Newton, but just think before season started most thought he was not worthy of the 1st round pick, most considered him not even top 10.

    Chudzinski has turned this group of playmakers into a TOP 6 offense. The other top 5 teams are GB, NO, NE, DL & SD!

    This group with a rookie QB, new HC, new OC, coming off a shortened off-season, should not have even been in contention for a top 5 offense.

    There is no more Chudzinski could have done to put himself in contention for a head coaching position.

    We have a TOP 6 D. Keep Nolan and hire this guy.

    Does it make too much sense. He is a Miami guy, who would probably bring in Shula as OC. What else could get you more excited going into next year?
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    yeah, chud, you want the job? you gotta keep Nolan.

    the finheaven non-reality show.
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