I don't have a lot of time to take my lumps today but I promise you'll have plenty of time for that beginning tomorrow. My team stunk this year and was an embarrassment down the strecth, the QB was awful, the D was bad, the WRs terrible, the OL awful. It was a brutal end and it will be tough watching the playoffs w/o the Jets involved again as I had so much fun w/ the runs the 2 previous years.

You guys finished strong, you have the pieces in place for a top 10 D which is a good start, you need to find a good HC, a QB, upgrade the Ol a bit and you can compete for a playoff berth as early as next year. Things change quickly in this league- look at Cincy, sure they didn't have the toughest sched but w/ a rookie QB they are a playoff team and they had no expectations this year.

As far as my team, it's tough to think about next year already. I look forward to football season all year and when it's over(especially like this) it really sucks. I think we have a good, young core and we need to make a few changes to get back to top tier status. We need a RT #1, that's the biggest need this offseason. It would be nice to keep Plax and re-sign Braylon so Sanchez has a deep threat. Holmes needs to lose his captaincy and Rex needs to remove all those dumb "C" patches, the players know who the real captains are- you can't force that on them.

The QB took a step back this year w/o a doubt and he was a main culprit the last 2 weeks why we aren't going back to postseason but he's still helped us to 2 title games in 2 years and he's still very young. He will get better so I'm not worried about him.

The QB and the OC get most of the blames but the D needs to be upgraded as well, we need some LB & Safety help badly.

We'll see what happens, it's going to be a long offseason. Good luck finding the coach you want and we'll battle it out again next year.