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I think there's a very good reason this "Championship***" thread only has 4 pages, mostly covered by 4 or 5 posters, and the networks are declaring record lows in viewing.

This was NOT a "Championship" game. I don't care how much anybody points to whatever.

And finally, we will get change. The billionaires that are running this dog and pony show lost billions Monday night. That is going to change things.

Since when is Finheaven's college football forum the place to guage the popularity of college football? The majority of people posting on Finheaven care very little about the NFL outside of what the Jets, Bills, Patriots, or Dolphins are doing.... much less what's going on in college football.

Sprinkle in Coach Saban winning another championship while the Dolphins are sifting through the rubble left behind by the Triflop and... well... you just won't see many parties being thrown around here.

The lowest rated BCS game in history was the 70-33 flag football matchup between West Virginia and Clemson in the Orange Bowl.

Why do you continue to hang around in the college football forum and post your opinion about something you're indifferent towards, don't like, or don't care about? Your opinion about the championship game doesn't change it's relevance one iota. Nor does it change who the two best teams in college football were.

Honestly, I don't know that I've ever seen someone so clueless somehow manage to convince themselves that their opinion matters as much as you.

Take a bow, Confessor.