I like you want to win very much however all this negative chatter has me annoyed from Ireland is a bum, Ross is an idiot, no great coach will come here, we need leaders blah,blah,blah.

A Saints Story, why did I use that in the title because if your like me you can remember when the Saints where the Aints and considered the worst team in football.
Owner Tom Benson was widely considered a bad owner, viewed by many as a laughing stock by insiders(sound familiar) in his desperation to be a winner he hired a "name" head coach (Ditka),that failed- not a surprise.

Mickey Loomis, who is he, well thats what most Saints fans wondered when he was hired to be GM for Tom Bensons Saints, he brought no pedigree with him he wasnt a boy wonder GM like Scott Pioli had no proven track record like Bill Polian.
Loomis inherited Jim Hasslett when Loomis was prometed to GM in 2002, after 4 years Loomis replaced Hasslet with Sean Payton.
Yes Sean Payton one of the best current Head Coaches in the game today, but again was anyone dancing in the streets in early 2006? most likely not, once they learned that Payton while working for the NY Giants as OC in 2002 had his play calling duties taken away by then Giants head coach Jim Fassel.

The Saints became contenders when the Owner allowed a football guy, his GM to run the team.
Loomis hired Payton and the team signed Brees, all moves made by an organization not some super star head coach.

Im in no way suggestion Miami will become successful like New Orleans my point is that perceptions change with winning, I like Jeff Ireland, I believe in Ireland.
I believe Ross has the correct idea regarding the way the team should be structured( GM seperate from HC ) a simple view of the history of the league shows that with few exceptions( JJ in Dallas, Belicheck in NE) winning teams are set up with seperation of power.

This hire will be Stephen Ross & Jeff Irelands first hire, I unlike many have no concern over the lack of "star" candidates, this obssession with a coach being a "play caller", seriously?
Bill Walsh was considered one of the greatest coaches of all time, he was a play caller therefor Mike Holgren didnt get to call plays however he turned out to be a pretty good HC.

I will reserve critisim or doom and gloom predicitions, I feel the job Ireland has done turning the roster from when he took over as GM in '08( I know about Parcells keeping it simple giving Ireland credit good and bad for all things GM since '08) is a very respectful one.
All GM's hit and miss with talent, clearly the Miami Dolphins have work to be done by no means are they on the door step of a super bowl, however Im confidant in Ross and his vision of this team to allow time to prove him right or wrong, beacuse I know the Saints story.