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Yeah its so amazing. Lets all wax poetic about the amazing Saints organization and pretend this team doesnt go as their QB goes. You're playing the result.

Mickey Loomis was a top executive with Seahawks before taking over in N.O. in 2002. During his tenure, Seattle was at best an also ran, and at worst, one of the worst teams in the league. Im not saying he was fully reponsible, but I doubt he sat in an empty office making Darth Vader voices into a table fan like Tommy Boy. Oh almost forgot, a grand total of 0 zero playoff appearances for the Saints between 2002-2005, coincidentally the 3 years before Brees showed up(and dont play the Katrina card, that only affected the 2005 season).

Payton is highly regarded as one of the best offensive minds in the game, and rightfully so, but lets not just ignore the fact that he was stripped of his playcalling duties in Dallas.

Is it really so crazy to believe that Brees made the organization what it is rather than the other way around? I certainly dont think so. Remove Brees from the equation and you have an average running game, a horrific defense that gets bailed out by the offense every week, and the possibility that nobody knows who Colston or Jimmy Graham are.

And please dont call people morons or other names because they dont agree with yours or someone elses assessments. Thats ridiculous.
Well put.