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The typical 2012 Dolphin fan

Spoiled, entitled, angry, petulant and constantly ready to rag on whatever happens to you and your team

You're like 15 year old girls

You don't know much, haven't seen or taken the time to learn or understand much about your sport or really your team

Come back at me with your snide remarks but you know I'm right. There's too many in here who have nothing interesting or positive to say who don't take the time to read, learn how to spell, formulate a coherent thought or follow what's going on around the league.

The guys in here who re-post negative articles are the equivalent of skid marks

Take your right tackles and your 6-10 seasons and piss and moan. You and your contributions as fans are just as, if not, as sorry, as the team you ***** about.
If this is spoiled I'd hate to see us punished