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Thread: Revis Speaks: Fractured Locker Room Ran Deep

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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjunc View Post
    Sure. Sounds like a guy who ISN'T leaving the team. I mean you harped on the fact that the ONLY reason Tomlinson was bitching about the Jets locker room is because he was leaving the team. So I say that because Keller is, as far as I know, planning on staying with the team he won't say anything bad to keep from adding to the already dismal reports about how bad the locker room is. I mean until Holmes comes out and says he appolgizes for any and all comments he has made publicly and privately, this just comes off as the Jets trying to smooth over the bad press they have gotten.
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    Quote Originally Posted by nyjunc View Post
    It sucks but life goes on. It could be worse, my team could be going on 12 years w/o a playoff win.
    So the Jets are the better team amongst two teams that haven't won a SB in 30 years.


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